List of contestants of Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2 – Full details

Most of us have have one small question about the show Khatron ke Khiladi Level 2 i.e. who all are participating in Khatron ke Khiladi Level 2 or list of participants in Khatron ke Khiladi Level 2, so I though let’s give you answer here.

There are few very famous names and few upcoming faces too so need to know all. Here I am providing you details of all participants of this show.

There are 13 models/ actress in this show and here is the small introduction of all.

  1. Nausheed Cyrusi: – We all are aware of this cute face of Bollywood Nausheed Cyrusi, worked in many films like Lakeer and Many more; she also worked on tv shows and many Ads.nauheed_cyrusi_big1
  2. Mandira Bedi: – The Shanti girl and famous Cricket anchor mandira bedi, one of the most famous cricket anchor and very passionate lady. I don’t think you need any introduction about her.mandira
  3. Shonali Nagrani: – Sonali is a demanding face now a days and she is one of the top model on India and worked in many endorsements and a famous TV Host.shonali
  4. Shweta salve: – Shweta, one of my favorite J and a great dancer and won many dance shows, worked in many albums and few films.sSHWETA_SALVE
  5. Carol  Gracias :- That’s also one of the most famous face of Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2, Carol, The Big Boss girl, she was the first runner up of Big Boss 1, one of the most famous Model and we all aware of her
  6. Rupali Ganguly: – One more Big Boss girl, she is also known as cry baby..ehh… we all must remember her from Big Boss 1, Working in many Tv Serials and a famous Bhojpuri Movie Actress.RUPALI_GANGULI-071206-large
  7. Bruna Abdullah: – Bruna is a Model by profession and a demanding face in Indian film industry.bru0a
  8. Sonika: – A new face in Indian modeling industry and a gorgeous looking talented girl.sonikaPia Trivedi: – yes another famous Model and a hot and sexy Actoress.pia_trivedi_007
  9. Sushma Reddy: – A famous tamil Actress, worked in many bollywood movies like Chocolate and more, a hot model..What else u need to know 🙂sushma
  10. Jesse Randhawa: – Jesse, is also a hot model and an actress, worked in many tv commercials and movies.Jesse Randhawa_004
  11. Anushka Manchanda: – Anushka is a talented model, singer and an actress, overall a multi talented personalityn777510496_5608565_9596
  12. Rosa Catalano:– Rosa was latterly know as Chote Miyan, Saif Ali Khan’s Girl friend but now she have her own identity in Indian Film Industry and she is one of world famous model. Bacially an Italian Model.rosa

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