Liz Hurley’s pash with Shane Warne could cost her millions

Liz Hurley tweets, after much nuisance that she was going through “Painful, sad days” as her marriage with Indian businessman Arun Nayar was over. She also wrote, “Arun & I separated for private reasons but FTR he has been a great father to our son Damian & will always be in his life.”

Shane Warne, on the other hand too said that he was single and that his relationship with his ex-wife Simone Callahan was officially over. Warne did not mention Hurley over this context and said, “It has been a big week, just a little bit.” He also added, “I’m fine, my family is fantastic.”

Reports are there that it was Hurley who chased Warne, appealing him with her upper-crust British ways and impious sense of humor. Hurley’s husband seems disappointed with the whole scenario and friends close to Arun Nayar said that he had been left wobbling by news. Nayar seems to be “furious” over the whole issue and said that it was a “betrayal” and an “embarrassment” for him.

A family friend of Mr. Nayar in Mumbai said, “It is clear to us that Liz has not behaved in a manner fitting of a wife. In India we believe a woman should be properly divorced before embarking on another relationship. This is a betrayal and an embarrassment for Arun. His family are very proper and this makes him look like he has been cuckolded – which is very embarrassing for him indeed.”

The booming relationship between Warne and Hurley began when they met at the Goodwood horse races in England in July.