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People all over India are celebrating the pious occasion of Maha Shivratri today, i.e., 2nd March 2, 2011. The ostentatious juncture holds great religious significance for the Hindus in India.

It is celebrated on the 6th Moonless night (known as Krishna Paksha Trayodashi) of February or March month every year. This day is marked as the day when lord Shiva got tied in the nuptial bonds with Ma Parvati.

On this juncture, various Hindu devotees observe day and night fasting. Milk and fruits are consumed whole day and Lord Shiva is worshipped. The day follows religious worship in the temples as well. This day is considered significant, particularly for the women. Married women pray religiously for the long life of their husbands, while unmarried women wish for a good husband.

The main rituals include praying lord Shiva and offering him milk, water, honey, fruits and Ghee. Various Shiva mantras are chanted throughout the prayers and the praying is termed as ‘Shiva Lingam’.

Different myths and tales go behind the celebration of this festival. However, most of the people believe it to be the wedding day of Lord Shiva. Some of the people also believe that on this day Lord Shiva devoured the pot of poison that emerged from the Samudra Manthan, so that he could protect the world.


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