Mahoba : Best Place to visit near Khajuraho, the Alha Udal Land

We often get to know about cities like Delhi, Mumbai,  Kolkata, and if we talk about tourist destinations then Shimla, Kerala, Himachal etc. but there are so many beautiful places in India which are equally good or even more beautiful than these.

In this series we will explore new and unknown tourist destinations of India for you. In this post I am exploring a small but a great tourist spot of East UP, and specially I started with this city called “Mahoba” because its my home town as well.

So here are few places which will definitely attract you.

Places to Visit at Mahoba

Sun Temple at Rahila Sagar
This is build in west of Rahila sager and temple was build in 9th century by Chandela ruler Rahila who ruled between 890 and 910 AD. Though in a ruined state today, it still stands as the finest example of early Pratihara architecture in the area.

Vijay Sagar Pakshi Vihar

This place is 5 kms away from town and developed as a bird century, built by Vijay Pal Chandela (1035-1060 AD)

Kakramath Temple

This temple, located at the Madan Sagar is dedicated to Lord Shiva and not far away from the Madan Temple dedicated to lord Vishnu. Being a well preserved granite temple, its overall structuring is similar to the temples of Khajuraho

How To Reach Mahoba

By Air :- Nearest Airport of Mahoba is Khajuraho and its 65 KMs away from Mahoba. You can get at least couple of flights from Delhi to Khajuraho in a day. After landing at Khajuraho you can hire Taxi to reach Mahoba.

By Train :- The best way to make a trip to Mahoba is by train. There are 2 trains – one being the Mahakaushal Express (which runs on a daily basis) and the other is the UP Sampark Kranti Express (which runs thrice a week). Both these trains take upto approximately 12 hours to reach but I personally prefer travelling by the UP Sampark Kranti express as it leaves Delhi at 8.30 PM and arrives at Mahoba by around 6 AM the following day.

Khajuraho is one of most famous tourist places for people traveling to India and Mahoba is another great place to visit if you ever plan on going to Khajuraho. In our Earlier Post we informed about Place to Visit Khajuraho . I can say you will thank me when you find a chance to visit Mahoba.