Mausam movie review & rating

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak


Mausam opens with a true band however fails to go beyond the expectations of the audiences and critics. The sensitive love story of Harry and Aayat is a bit disconnected with some fragments of worst events and tragedies.

Director Pankaj Kapur has tried to weave the characters that are strong yet the movie has some loose ends. It can be said that the screenplay could have been a bit better and tighter. There is indeed no question that the director’s debut movie has a blend of some appealing moments and some truly erratic ones.

Mausam covers the long arc and touches upon the catastrophes of India: from devastation of Babri Masjid to 9/11 of New York, with television grabs of Kargil war and the riots of Ahmedabad.

The first half of the movie has realistic breadth of air and Pankaj Kapur has suffused great scenes in movie as far as cinematic potential is concerned. How you just like those specific scenes like the one where Harry along with his friends chew some sugarcanes in mustard fields, when love between Aayat and Harry begins and when the marriage of Harry’s sister takes place in a Punjab village.

As far as acting is concerned, Shahid Kapoor tosses off great performance as the Indian pilot. The performer rises above the movie’s inconsistencies. On the other hand, though Sonam Kapur looks beautiful and innocent, she is not able to impress the audiences with her acting skills.

So, Mausam lacks the overall substance and so the movie’s screenplay and writing becomes the downer. The movie’s length, which is over 3 hours makes the audiences tired and bored. Portraying characters of true lovers, Sonam and Shahid look great but lack the magical chemistry.

In short, the first half of the movie serves as an enjoyable one while the second one ebbs and flows to be just erratic. It is just a onetime watch movie.


Rating: 2.5/5