MAXX MQ606 Price in India : Features & Specification : Mobile Review

Everyday there are thousands of additions into the market and one of the fastest and most competitive markets is that of mobiles. The rising competition in the mobile markets has proved to be very beneficial for the customers, don’t bother about the companies! In this already existing family and niche of mobiles, MAXX MQ606 has taken birth with some of the great features and specifications, that too at a price which is much demanded! Let us find out more about this mobile.


Weighing merely 74 grams, MAXX MQ606 is a super light mobile with 11.35 mm thickness. The screen size is 2.2 inches and it comes with a 250KB memory, expandable upto 2 GB. You can store around 500 contacts in MAXX MQ606 and with MAXX MQ606 gains about good points in specification section.


MAXX MQ606 comes pre-loaded with entertainment features such as music player, FM Radio, wireless FM as well as FM recording. Videos can also be recorded on your MAXX MQ606 mobile. The entertainment features and quality are about average for this mobile.



MAXX MQ606 comes with connectivity features such as Internet (GPRS), Bluetooth as well as USB port. These are suitable and apt connectivity options if you are looking for a mobile that offers these connections. Obviously MAXX MQ606 is not a smartphone and in a normal mobile use, these connectivities are just okay.


Now, here we wished there was some better specification. Nevertheless, with a 1.3 MP camera, you can click just around average pictures. There was some scope of improvement in this regard.

Pre-Loaded Apps

Though not too many applications are available with MAXX MQ606, but it comes pre-loaded with the Java support.

Price in India

You will get all the aforementioned features and specifications in just Rs. 1, 975. Now this is what we are glad at, the price is really economical and at this price when you get all the aforementioned features, it is worth!


Personally, we would like to rate MAXX MQ606 with 3 stars and with average level. If you are looking for a mobile with a low price band, then MAXX MQ606 is something you can opt for!