Michael Jackson Birthday today: celebrations continue

Michael Jackson’s hometown and his family will celebrate the legend’s birthday today. The 4 days celebration has been planned by Jackson’s family to honor the King of Pop even if he is not with them any longer. The singer would have turned 53 today if he was with us. He was a great American dancer, philanthropist, singer songwriter, recording artist and musician. Popularly known and called as the KING OF POP, Michael Jackson is known as the most successful and brilliant entertainer by the Guinness World Records.


In honor of Michael’s Jackson’s 53rd Birthday, some ongoing activities that continue all day long today include music shows, fireworks and party. These activities are taking place at 2300 Jackson Street, the boyhood home of the legend.


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Some highlights of today’s occasion include cake cutting at 5 p.m. marking birthday of the pop star. The 4 foot cake has been specially prepared by Sugarbuds Bakery, Canada.


The first cousin of the star, Keith Jackson said that he is very happy to join and be a part of the celebrations that honor his brother. Chi Lites and Click Clark along with other bands like Triple Dose Band performed over weekend for the celebrations. Arts and crafts, food, entertainment, circus and more activities will be performed as the part of festivities for Michael Jackson’s birthday.


Also, Fireworks with music by Jackson as the backdrop will even be presented on the day.