Milenge Milenge Review – The True Love Saga

Milenge Milenge is the latest movie that is inspired from the romantic comedy of 2001 Serendipity. The Bollywood movie is directed by the very famous Satish Kaushik and it stars popular actors including Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. The movie is the fifth time when Shahid and Kareena have worked together.

Kareena as Priya is surprised as she gets selected to attend the youth festival to be celebrated in South Africa. Shefondly cherishes the fact that she might bump into her perfect man there at the festival. Shahid Kapoor as Amit, being a Delhiite also visits Africa at the same time.

Amit and Priya then meet at the youth festival. Priya is a type of girl who has substance and is just the opposite of other teen college going girls. She daily pens down something in her personal diary highlighting what she expects of her perfect man. Amit is the person who is the total juxtapose of what Priya would like to see in her partner. So it can be said that a heavy wave of serendipity makes both the hero and the heroine meet and eventually fall in love with each other.

When the Youth festival ends, both of them are seen preparing to return to Delhi. Priya sees her diary’s copy with Amit and realizes that he has been making a fool out of her. She decides to go to him and clear up everything. Amit is enjoying with his friends at the local bar and is found telling his friends that even though he fooled Priya, he has now fallen for her.

He further tells them that he will try to be the man that Priya believes he truly is. As he takes a swig from the glass of beer, Priya comes in front of him and confronts that she has come to know about what all he was doing to her.

With a saddened heart, Priya breaks their relationship. Amit then tries hard to explain his emotion for her but the latter ignores him completely. He makes every possible effort to gain her trust back by telling that both of them are made for each other. But Priya decides that in case destiny wants the same, they might meet each other again in Delhi, even though by this time they do not know about one another’s whereabouts.

At last, fate makes them come together as they take the last step to find each other just when they are about to get married to other people. Thus Milenge Milenge is the apt name for the movie.