Mobile No Portability Service MNP delayed Further

According to the Indian government, it was supposed to implement the MNP plan on 31st of Dec 2009. This service is going to be highly helpful to all mobile users, but unfortunately the implementation date has been postponed to 31st March 2010.

What’s MNP?

MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability Service. It’s a plan using which a customer can switch from one mobile operator to another without changing the number. In India majority of the users prefer gsm service to cdma service. Presently each time you decide to change the operator you have to buy a new sim card or a cdma set. Thus the number is changed. However in future in you want you can retain your number.

Why was it MNP plan delayed?

According to the government many operators were not prepared and had not upgraded their networks tosupport MNP Service. Hence the rollout was delayed. Initially it was supposed to be released only in Nations 4 largest cities and some other areas. However since there is a delay it has decided to release this feature all across the country,

However the Mobile Number Portability India’s Plan researchers and analysts tell us that there are very less chances of people changing their networks due to cost. Call rates presently cost around 20p per second for local calls and in the cheapest mobile operator around 60p per minute for STD calls. Further cost and quality of service are not key factors in increasing or decreasing demand for MNP. An initial excitation among people might just give it the right starts but sustaining such a demand is going to be certainly a difficult task.