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Hello Folks, I already posted about this Movie My Name Is Khan and inform you about Star cast of My name is Khan, My Name is Khan Story and My Name is Khan Controversy in Our Previous Post.

Now its time to provide you review of Shahrukh Khan Dream Movie MNIK ( My Name Is Khan ) . So i decided to go an watch this Movie. thats only way to give fair review of any movie.

I will go and watch first Day Fisrt show of My name is Khan Movie at Waves Noida today. So I will ive a fair review her just after coming back from movie.

As an update i would like to tell you that This Movie will not be released in Whole Maharashtra and Mumbai After Shiv Sena Warning to SRK over Pakistan Players in IPL issue . Shahrukh Khan said on Twitter ( Social Network)

i have never hurt anybody’s sentiments..religious,nationalist or personal wittingly. i am pro relationships but not at cost of my nation.
Sharukh Khan on Twitter :-

Movie Review My name Is Khan

So Guys just came back after watching movie and having lunch. Let me tell you about the Movie Now.

We all were expecting life time good acting from SRK and he proved it he is still King of Bollywood. The Movie is awesome and I am sure you will have tears in your eyes at least once during the movie. I will say, this is life time best acting by Shahrukh Khan,

Shahrukh Khan is acting as a mentally retarded person and learnt few lessons from His mom that Only 2 kind of person exists in the world, good People and bad People. he follow this principal in his whole life.

Very well direction of Karan Johar and I would say SRK-Karan combination did it once again.

Rijwan Khan ( SRK ) and Mandira ( Kajol) performed very well in the Movie. Firrt half was good but now awesome but when picture comes of second half, it will definitely gona touch your heart.

Son of Rizwan Khan and Mandira was killed in a fight with some guys who beaten him because his surname was “Khan” . This made mandira ( Kajol ) upset and angry as she think her son died because of His fathers surname. Kajol is a divorced lady and he married Rizwan Khan later when she fall in love with him.

She angrily said Rizwan to go away from her life and only come back when you will say to US President that Your Name is Khan and you are not a terrorist.

Here comes the main theme of Movie Rizwan Decided to go and meet President and tell him ” My Name Is Khan and I am not a Terrorist” . He was cought by US police and FBI as he was shouting in President Rally the same Dialog ” My Name Is Khan and I am not a Terrorist” . Later he got released after media involvement and Rizwan fair Character. Finally US President meet him and he convey his massage to world that His Name is Khan and He is Not a terrorist.

Nice Story, Very matured and good acting by all actors. A Must Watch Movie and my Thumbs Up for this.

My Name is Khan (MNIK) Movie Rating

I will rate this movie 4 out of 5. A nice and must watch movie.

My Name Is Khan (MNIK) First Day Collection Record

As an update I would like to inform you all , My Name is Khan just brake the record of Highest first day opening of 3 Idiots Movie of Aamir Khan. Now MNIK have all time high first day collection in India. Go Shahrukh go and break the records.