Enjoy the Muharram festival and Send Muharram SMS

Muharram is not any particular day of festival; it is actually the name of a month which marks the start of year as per the Islamic Calendar. Muharram festival is one among the four months that has been declared as holy and pious as per the Islamic calendar. The other three months include Rajab, Dhul-Qa’adah and Dhul-Hijjah.

Following is a list of some activities which are advised for the Ashurah day. People are expected to observe a fast and give as much charity as possible. They also need to recite Surah Ikhlas thousand times and perform the prayers of Nafl Salat.

Also, this day demands people to visit and be with Ulema, apply surma in eyes, visit the sick and ill, cut nails, take bath, recite the Dua-e-Ashurah and place hand of care on the head of an orphan.

Further, this festival requires people to offer whole-heartedly to the relatives, make harmonious ties with enemies and visit the Awliyas shrine and Muslims graves.

People send Muharram SMS to loved ones wishing them happiness and success.
Here are some good Muharram SMS

Nahi Aaj Tak Koi HUSSAIN (ra) Sa Aya
Jo Kare Waju Khu se Ada Namaj Talwar k Tale kare,
Nahi Aaj Tak Koi Nawasa HUSSAIN ra Sa Aya
Jo kare Ada Wada Apne Nana Ka Jaan de ka Imaa Ki Khatir.
Nahi Aaj Tak Koi HUSSAIN ra Sa Aya

Janat me Janat k haqdar jayenge,
Kasam ALI ki ALI k hubdar jayenge,
Dar-e-Janat pe khari Zehra A.S kehti hen,
Janat me mere LaaL k Azadar jayenge?

arz-o-samaa mein gunjta hai matam hamara….
aulad-e-yazid ko chubta hai maqam hamara….
jaltey raho…kurtey raho…martey raho hamein….
badla lega…abhi to baqi hai ik aur imam hamara….?

All About India team wish Happy Muharram to all Indians.