My Friend Ganesha 3 Review | Movie

Producer: Ajhai Acharya

Directed By: Rajiv S. Ruia.

This is the third movie in line after the success of My Friend Ganesha 1 and 2. The backdrop of the movie changes from urban to rural locale here. The movie is about the life of Ganya (Rahul Pendkalkar) who is an orphan and left at the mercy of his ill treating uncle and aunt. He is the heir to a large fortune which makes him vital to them. He decides to leave home. He does just that only to be discovered by Bala (Makrand Anaspure) who is his aunt’s brother and just as ruthless. Ganya gets locked up in a haveli where he retorts to praying to lord Ganesha.

Like the other movies this movie too has  Lord Ganesh coming  to his rescue . This time in form of Ganesh, a young boy, who is Ganya’s look alike. Both of them make a plan to get back to the uncle and aunty.

The movie is for the target audience, the kids. One should not go into the theatre expecting ground breaking stuff.  The animation done in the movie is good but still it is amateurish, though a lot of other movies will take up from where this one left. The performance by the kids is nice and the other actors are ok. The movie lives up to the expectation set by the first two movies. The songs are forgettable. It is a clean movie and can be enjoyed on a nice Sunday by the entire family.