Narendra Modi As Next Prime Minister Candidate from BJP?

After embarrassing performance in elections of parliament, BJP realized that there is need of a leader who can give clear view of Party. This is almost confirmed that Narendra Modi will leave Gujarat’s Chief Minister Post and he will be the President of BJP after Rajnath Singh.

It was sure that both Rajnath Singh and L. K. Adwani will be leaving theirnarendra-modi post after loss in recent elections. Advani made Sushma swaraj as leader of opposition in House of the People “Lok Sabha” and Arun Shouri in Council of India “Rajya Sabha”. Next step was to choose the person who will lead party. After so many names and interruption of RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh) BJP is settled for a common name and that is none other but Narendra Modi.

BJP came as a party with the motto of Aggressive Hinduism ( Ugra Hindutva) , and we all know Narendra Modi is core supporter of it. His leadership will give clear look of BJP motto. Modi is not only known for his aggressive nature, he is a strong leader and he can lead India for development. We all must know how he made Gujrat, best place for Investment and how so many leading groups are coming in Gujarat.

We can see emerging India under the leadership of him. I am sure; his leadership will take BJP to new heights.  Let’s see what happens in coming time and how Modi will take it.