Navratri 2011 SMS & Greetings : Navratri Starting Date

Navratri 2011 falls between September 28 and October 6 this year. Navratri is considered to be the auspicious time when people carry out fasts for nine days. The day after the Navratri is popular as Vijaya Dasami that is more famously called as Dussehra. In various northern states of India, huge effigies of the evil Ravana is stuffed with the firecrackers and then the effigies are torched using flaming arrows. Navratri is even valued by the devotees as a pious and auspicious time to start their business account books and other financial activities.

The devotees sing songs and perform rituals throughout these nine days. Indeed, Navratri is a combination of two terms- nava and ratri. Nava means 9 and ratri means three aspects of life i.e. body, mind, soul. Also, there are three kinds of problems that affect an individual- mental, spiritual and physical. That which offers relief from all such problems is the ratri. Ratri, night actually relieves one from miseries thereby offering comfort and peace. The nine days of Navratri is actually marked by a set of Homas and Yagna and these Yagnas help to nullify the sorry, pain and misery.

Navratri Wallpaper


You can send Navratri 2011 SMS & greetings to your loved ones. Some popular among them include:

Memories of moments celebrated together
Moments that have been attached in my heart forever
Make me Miss You even more this Navratri.
Hope this Navratri brings in Good Fortune

May This Navratri be as bright as ever.
May this Navratri bring joy,
health and wealth to you.
May the festival of lights brighten up you and
your near and dear ones lives.


Chand ki chandani,
Basant ki bahar.
Phoolo ki khushbu,
Apno ka pyar.
Mubarak ho aapko NAVRATRI ka Tyohar.
Sada khush rahe aap aur apka Parivar.