New Airtel Ringtone & Song by AR Rahman : Download Free Tone

AR Rahman is known for his music and wonderful songs. Who can forget about the only musician who won Oscar Award for his music in Movie “Slum Dog Millionaire”.  Now AR Rahman joined hands with India’s biggest Telecom company Bharti which is also known as Airtel and created a great New Airtel Theme Song which is very popular as New Airtel Ringtone among Indians and globally as well.

You can watch the new theme as ad on television these days very often which says How Airtel gives you entertainment wherever you go. Have a Look at new Airtel ad video.

You can also download this new Airtel Song MP3 Song to set as your mobile ringtone. Here is Link for New Airtel  Ringtone Download

Feel free if you have any questions regarding and feedback about this new Airtel Signature Theme Song.