New Car Launch in India – Chevrolet Beat

“With its best-in-segment design, performance and safety, the Beat is destined to become an industry benchmark.” The line has been quoted from a short speech made by General Motors India President and Managing Director Karl Slym. And we believe him. The last car we got from Chevrolet was the Chevrolet Cruze and it certainly was one of a kind.

Ranged in between 3.5 lacs to 4.5 lacs , the Chevrolet Beat is ideal for those with a taste and also having a fascination for sports type car. The bike industry has started producing mainly sports bikes as they are in heavy demand now. Same goes for the cars too. Equipped with dramatically sized head lamps, an arching roofline, a dynamically upward slanted window line the car has got one of the fanciest looks.

About the car

Powered by a 1.2 litre 4 cylinder engine generating about 79 Bhp of maximum power at 6200 rpm with 108 Nm of maximum torque at 4400 rpm. The S-TEC II engine employs PDA (Port De-Activation) system which not only optimal performance along with combustion stability at low speeds but also reduces emissions. It has also got an automatic temperature regulator inside the engine and the 4 resonators present help in reducing the noise too.

The Chevrolet Beat features first-in-segment triple acoustic absorbent structure and special underbody structures which prevent noise inflow from outside, for optimal quietness. Wind noise is minimized through the Beat’s aerodynamic body line and detailed door sealing structure.

This wonder car comes in various shades too. The shades of Chevrolet available are

Colors Options for Chevrolet Beat

– Olympic White

– Linen Beige
– Caviar Black
– Misty Lake
– Moroccan Blue
– Green Cocktail
– Super Red.

The price of Chevrolet Beat varies according to models. The common market prices are given below. However you are advised to consult your local dealer as well.

– Chevrolet Beat PS – Rs. 3,35,000.00
– Chevrolet Beat LS – Rs. 3,55,000.00
– Chevrolet Beat LT – Rs. 3,95,000.00
– Chevrolet Beat LT Option – Rs. 4,35,000.00

Hope you will be having a safe and happy ride on your new car.