New Gmail Panel Features

Google has now introduced the new Gmail Panel features for the users. You can easily call phones from your Gmail account in around 38 languages. Calls to Canada and the US are just $0.01 per minute and the international call rates have also been reduced for more than 150 destinations.

The priority inbox

The priority inbox identifies the important messages thereby separating them from others so that you can easily focus on the mails that matter more.

Secure Gmail now

HTTPS by default makes Gmail safer. The encryption keeps the mail safe and secure as it easily travels between the Gmail servers and the web browser.

Drag and drop

You can easily drag the labels on messages and vise versa just like the folders. Labels that you use often are simpler to access just above the chat list. Rest of them are hidden however can be accessed easily under the “more” option.

View PDF

You can now enjoy previewing PDFs in the browser without even waiting for these files to get downloaded. Just select the “view” option next to .pdf attachments that you receive.

Gmail New Features

Enjoy new Gmail themes

There is variety of new themes available now. From the grays to mountain landscapes, you can select your favorite theme from more than 30 choices and personalize the feel and appeal of your Gmail account easily. To start, you can check the themes under the Settings tab.

Other new Gmail panel features to note

The other amazing Gmail panel features include latest languages for Android and iPhone, Google Buzz, more storage, “Got the Wrong Bob?”, “Don’t forget Bob”, message translation, undo send, Gmail stickers and a lot more.

Even text messaging in chat is now possible with new Gmail panel features and talking face to face is great with video chat and Gmail voice chat. New labs to try, Gmail on Android, Gmail labs, colored labels, free IMAP, new emoticons and group chat are some of the more features in the new Gmail panel.