New Vodafone ZooZoo Funny IPL ads

Zoozoos have been extremely lovable since they were aired during the IPL for the first time. They took the major market share for ads and continue to rule the charts. There was a lot of talk about the ads being animated but when the word spread that the ads used humans and were not animated, many more people stood up and took notice thus catapulting the ads to an all time high.Zoozoo

There are new ads for the IPL 2010 this year round with concepts which surpass the benchmarks created by themselves and a brand new jungle theme.

The star of the match ad and the jungle laugh ads are immensely hilarious and involve a group of zoozoos in them. And then there is this E-bill ad which has one zoozoo on a hammock sending the across the message to save trees, when one of the trees he is resting on gets cut. Then there are the alien and the zoozoo newspaper ad which are outright riotous.

Zoozoo ads have always entertained the audience while beautifully sending the message across; do not fail the fans this time around either. The new IPL ads are even better than the ones done before.

Here are few famous Zoo Zoo IPL Ads Youtube Videos for you

1 :- Be the Star of the Match

2- Zoozoo jungle laugh

3- Zoozoo tree

4:- Zoozoo alien 2

5 :- Zoozoo newspaper

Out of these 5 my favorite is Zoozoo Alien 2. I kust love the scene when Alien put his finger in Tiger’s nose 😀

Which one you like most  ? Do let everyone know by comment.