Nikon D5000 Review :Experience Zoom with Nikon Digital Camera

The introduction of D5000 by Nikon as been much awaited and when it happened it was very much on the expected lines. With the D5000, Nikon has created a new segment. It has taken its high resolution sensor and video mode of its D90 model, which was priced in the mid-segment, and had put it in the entry-segment DSLR, the D5000.

This new DSLR is packed with lot of entertaining features and is meant for those for whom photography is a hobby and family get together. The camera really stands out in its own segment with the matchless vari-angle LCD monitor that allows you to capture images from angles you can ever imagine.

The LCD monitor has become the most distinctive part of the camera. You can tilt it, swivel it, and can be used forstandard status display as well as play back (both video and still) and live viewing.

Basically D5000 features are the same as they were in D90. D5000 has 12.9 mega pixel, APS-C sensor and Nikon’s state of the EXPEED processor. It is also integrated with D90’s unique HD movie function, extensive built-in editing features and also has a broad choice of scene modes.

This DSLR camera offers you a wide range of creativity option when you are shooting movie clips with it. You set the lens of this camera to different new perspectives so that you can enhance the impact, especially emotional, of the movies with the latest Picture Control setting.

The videos captured by the D5000 with its D-Movie technology (including audio) is completely compatible with the newly launched high definition TVs in the market and it also has a HDMI output for instant connection. The D5000 captures high definition movies and there is also an option of live viewing with the touch of a single button so that you can compose you shots on the LCD monitor.

For still shots the camera also offers four types of contrast – wide area, face detection, new subject tracking and normal area. These four options will help you take pictures at the easiest and the quickest possible way. The subject tracking mode has been the latest addition and it will allow the camera to focus the target always and will restart its tracking when the target makes a comeback after leaving the frame.

You can take pictures in any lighting condition with this camera. The 12.3MP sensor and wide range of sensitivity between ISO 200 and 3200 makes it equipped for shooting in various challenging lighting condition. The range of ISO 100 and 6400 is also available in this model. D5000 also uses Nikon’s Active D-Lighting feature that helps to erase out the shadows and prevents the highlights that are overexposed, so that you that have to spend long hours on your PC to edit them.

The design of the D5000 is very similar to the D40X and the D60. But the D5000 is larger than both the models because it has to create enough space for its LCD to tilt and swivel. D5000 is also not as large as its predecessor D90 but if you like the weight and the feel of the D40X and D60 then D5000 might be a bit heavy for you.

Nikon D5000 Price in India

Nikon D5000 cost around 30000 INR in India and its a good buy for people who have some knowledge in photography.