Nokia E6: Review and price in India

The Nokia E6 feels pretty standard for the Nokia E series– slightly raised keys and rubberized that is easy to use once you get along with the placement as well as the hue D pad to navigate around display. This 2.6 inch VGA display on Nokia E6 is pretty high resolution that is featured with more than 300 DPI. The Ovi Maps are now overhauled to have the elements like predictive search as well as other social networking features.

Nokia E6


The design of Nokia E6 follows the E72 tradition and the device is available in option of 3 metal finishes.


A great feature to notice is its Touchscreen. The phone will be a bit difficult to be used by the E series users as the small screen needs fair amount of accuracy to choose right options from the menu. But thanks courtesy that you will not need to utilize the onscreen keyboard due to the complete QWERTY that is offered below.

The phone is really fast and that is all because of the 600 MHz ARM 11 processor as well as 2D and 3D graphic acceleration. Both of these are necessary given the 4 times number of total pixels that are being displayed. The Nokia E6 is even packed with well covered connectivity with the 5 band 3G as well as quad band 2G transceiver, Wi Fi and the HSPA support for 10.2 Mbps down as well as 2 Mbps up along with the Bluetooth V3. The USB On-The-Go feature further allows the users to connect USB devices like flash drives to the phone in order to boost the overall storage space.


Talking about the phone’s styling, it is the one slick contender. With clean, classic and sharp lines, the Nokia phone has a great feel and looks and offers great style to the users. With just a small weight, Nokia E6 feels durable and solid.

Other features

The Whatsapp support as well as easy access to the social media on front permits E6 users to socialize easily. The Nokia E6 offers 8GB of internal memory and 32GB external memory. As far as the OS is concerned, the phone relies on Symbian Anna that is the Symbian 3 renewal.

Price in India

The Nokia E6 is featured with a price tag of Rs 17,999 in India.