Nokia N900 Review and Price in India

World leaders Nokia are changing the concept of mobile use. They started all with the simple talking but now they are taking the art of communication to different level with the launch of new Nokia N900.

The Nokia N900 is not just a mobile phone it is a computer in a handset. It has a sexy design and has all the features Nokia N900 to become powerhouse in communication.

Nokia N900

Nokia has defined the N900 as the next phase evolution in the Maemo software. In fact the N900 is the first Nokia handset that uses the Maemo software, which is designed to give a PC like experience in a handset.

Nowadays mobile phones are used for multitasking and the N900 with a host of latest features is going to give other smart phones Nokia N900 a run for the money.

In fact the Nokia N900 is just not a smart phone; it is more than a smart phone Nokia N900.

The N900 will cater to the needs of all multitasking mobile users and will build on the foundation of Nokia’s last generation’s Internet tablet technology.

The new software called the Maemo 5, which would be integrated in the Nokia N900, will allow the handset to operate nearly a dozen of operations at the same time on the window as if you are computing on the conventional desktop.

But the N900 doesn’t stop here as it has other top-end features, which sets it a class apart.

Nokia N900 Price in India :- Price of Nokia N900 Phone is around 29,000 INR.

It has a strong processor called the powerful ARM Cortex-A8 processor, which will make computing on a handset extremely easy. The N900 also has a 1GB application memory and a storage data of 32 GB that can be expanded to 48 GB.