Nokia X2 review – price, features, full specifications

Nokia mobile phone lovers especially the entertainment handset freaks have all the reasons to be delighted as Nokia have launched an exciting and feature packed model of their popular X series – the X2.

The last two years have shown how the cell phone industry in India has evolved into one of the most fiercely competitive business in the country. As it’s always better late than never the multinational giant have acknowledged this and now seem focused on making their way into targeting the middle class Indian crowd with the “small price big features” concept. The C series phones and now the X2 in particular might just be some of the first examples.

Let us take a deeper look into the details.

Along with the one touch music keys the phone has powerful and loud dual-stereo speakers for all those who can’t live without listening to songs. Like most other phones it features FM radio but the good news is that you don’t need to attach your headphones for this one as it has a built-in antenna.

Coming to the next important feature all anticipate for – the camera. Your X2 will have a 5 megapixel camera (yes, you heard it right!) with LED flash which can take photos at any time. It shoots video clips at 20 frames a second and has a 4x digital zoom.

The phone in general has a stylish curved back design and high gloss finish with a 2.2 inch display. It also has a torch which comes into handy in the dark.

And then the key question: How much does it cost?

The phone is priced at an incredible rate of (approximately) Rs. 5600 only. Can’t imagine a Nokia mobile with such amazing specifications priced so low? Rush to your nearest dealer and grab your new X2 in no time!