Not A Love Story- review & rating

Mahie Gill, playing the role of Anusha Chawla is the aspiring actress in Not A Love Story who leaves her family, boyfriend (Deepak Dobriyal) as well as her hometown to be in Mumbai. After quite some time of persistence by her boyfriend (Robin) to return, Anusha gets a role in just courtesy a casting director played by Ajay Gehi. Friendship takes place between the two and one day after drunken party, the two sleep with one another. Next day, the possessive boyfriend of Anusha lands up into her place and seeing her sleep with another man, stabs Ajay (Ashish) to death. Feared of not being identified and caught, Anusha and Robin butcher Ashish’s body into small pieces and dumps them into the bags. The dead body then comes to haunt them when inspector played by Zakir Hussain nabs culprit behind the death.

Not A Love Story

Acting part

As far as acting is concerned, both Deepak Dobriyal and Mahie Gill deliver great performances. Deepak as the obsessive boyfriend deserves huge applauds.

Sound tracks

Talking about the music, the background score could have been better. The music comes across as loud, jarring and too shoddy. Specially the track Yai re yai re from Rangeela is repeated various times and the ring tone of Anusha’s phone is as well irritating that you will wish like chopping your ears.

Direction and main elements

Direction part is moderate and has been handled by RGV. At some instances, he is just amazing and that too when he shows police tracking down murderer and culprit. Passion, crime, obsession, murder, punishment and guilt are the elements that make the crux of the movie. Ram Gopal Varma cloaks the narrative in grainy and grimy shell as the means to capture the claustrophobic core of the story.

What’s good and what’s bad?


Music, direction and cinematography are strengths of the movie. On the other hand, slow speed screenplay, not so impacted performances and loopholes in storyline are the drawbacks that the film shares as well.


Rating 2.5/5