Notion Ink set to launch Adam 2 in December

When Notion Ink first unveiled its low-cost tablet Adam in the market, it received a mix of emotions and reviews from customers as well as the tech-gurus. But now they can get something more to talk about because Notion Ink has revealed the launch of Adam 2 later this year, in December.

Rohan Shravan,CEO of Notion Ink said, “This December you should see Adam 2 if everything goes fine. We love CES.” The new tablet is scheduled to launch for the first time at CES in 2012.

If speculations are to be believed, the new tablet Adam 2 will be powered by new Nvidia Tegra 3 processor which is scheduled to release soon this year. What makes Adam 2’s combination with Nvidia Tegra 3 so unique is the processor’s features which include Video output up to 2560×1600, 12-Core Nvidia GPU with support for 3D stereo, 1080p H.264 High Profile video decode and an array of other features.

The new tablet is also speculated to be packed with two rear facing cameras and will be functioning on Google Android Honeycomb 3.2. Adam’s future seems bright too. Notion Ink is working too hard on its add-on features and updates, which is perhaps the improvement! Adam 2 is also anticipated to include features such as Kindle ebook reader as well as music and video players.

Anyone looking for the Adam 2 with features like WiFi+3G and Backlit LCD can avail it at a price of Rs. 22,000. For a much higher version including a Pixel Qi LCD and certain other features, you will have to pay Rs. 24,000 from your pocket. Besides, there are two more versions of this tablet, one with Rs. 19,000 price tag and other with Rs. 27,000.