Opera Mini as the default web browser in new features phone

According to the representatives from the two companies, Qualcomm has finalized a deal with Opera Software to mount the Opera Mini application as the default Web browser on its admired feature-phone platform. They also added that the Opera Mini will be incorporated with Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform by the end of this year.

The two companies have decided to unveil the deal officially on Tuesday morning at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Qualcomm’s Brew MP is the descendant to the Brew platform for feature phones. According to the chip maker, this has managed to sell greater than 250 million handsets from more than 70 manufacturers worldwide.

Opera Mini Browser

The company said that the AT&T has planned to operate all its feature phones on Brew MP. According to the HTC’s Freestyle, the carrier initiated the first such “quick-messaging phone”.

Marc Nijdam, a director of Brew MP development said, “These are big growth markets for the feature phone. Brew MP has been very successful there.”

The Opera Mini approach has certain advantages of bringing down the load on cellular providers’ networks. Satterthwaite said, “The carriers are looking for a way to save their own data costs and it’s the fastest browsing experience available.”

Incorporating a browser with an ability to display media-rich websites could eradicate the requirement for Web developers to build these extra versions and this played a vital role in Qualcomm’s decision to partner with Opera, according to Nijdam.

He also said, “We can just offer a much better experience than doing the traditional WAP-based approach. Having a common browser that works across a huge swath of these devices will help to sort of standardize the development.”

Opera Mini has been accessible for the customers for downloading already on the feature phones running Brew.