Orkut Büyükkökten’s the Founder of Orkut, profile vanishes – Deleted or hacked?

It came as a shock to orkut users across the globe when the creator of OrkutOrkut Büyükkökten‘s official profile mysteriously got deleted at around 23:00 hrs IST on the 22nd of September. Although it has happened in the past as well the profile came back to existence later on in its previous condition. Orkut is normally famous for users impersonating one another or mostly some celebrities and there exists around 10 profiles in the name of orkut, following is the link to his actual profile: http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=325082930226142255Orkut

When one clicks on it the message “This profile has been deleted” appears which technically under normal circumstances arises when the orkut team itself deletes a user’s profile. From this it is evident that the creator of orkut was not hacked, but it was deleted by the official admin team of orkut – by mistake or intentionally is not known as of now.

Meanwhile the first ever community created on orkut “Stanford University”  by him which has the prestigious community ID of 1 (cmm=1) has been taken over by a group of Brazilians who didn’t waste a minute in renaming it to something totally different and incomprehensible or changing its location to Brazil and applying Portuguese as its language.

Only time will tell whether the community will get its previous identity back along with the profile of the most famous man on Orkut.

Author :- Neelabh Krishnan