Paathshala Movie Review – Shahid kapoor Movie Rating, Star Cast & Songs

Paathshala directed by Milind Ukey features Shahid Kapoor, Nana Patekar and Ayesha Takia. The film depicts the true but horrifying educational system. Swaraswati Vidya Mandir School, a school whose motto is to nurture kids for a better future. Aditya Sahay (Nana Patekar), the principal of the school, plays a convincing role. He remains spinster to just concentrate on his profession. As the institution is not generating thousand’s, the trustees come up with the brand building exercises.

Rahul Prakash Udyavar (Shahid Kapoor) joins the prestigious school as English Teacher. His sincerity and dedication makes him extremely popular with both the students and co-teachers. He soon realizes all is not in the school’s working. He sets out to know the matter and set the things right. To his dismay he finds that school management in the name of extracurricular activities is demanding a huge sum of money. Children of the parents those can’t afford this luxury are treated callously by the school authorities. With the passage of time the situation worsens and is soon a national problem.
In the school extracurricular activities instead of the best and deserving students the rich students find their way. The school management turns the school as a location for television shows to make it big and earn some money. The children with physical deformities are used to cash the audience sympathy in the movie. The movie highlights all the current TRP and branding and packaging issues of the time.
The ending of the movie is quite impactful. The two acting legends, Nana Patekar and Shahid Kapoor come face to face and engage in an impressive exchange. The movie finally depicts how the educational institutions have just turned into money making machines and are no more the temple of education.

Paathshala Movie Rating :- 3.5 / 5


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