Pak distributing fake Indian currency

A “million intelligence inputs” allegedly indicate involvement of Pakistan High Commissions in Dhaka and Kathmandu in the distribution of Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN).

As per the secret 65-page Government report cited by an Indian daily, the Pakistan High Commissions are also to be blamed for manufacturing FICN.

For the first time, the government unveiled that FICN worth Rs 16,000 crore are in “circulation”. The report also says that FICN distribution is also connected to atleast 15 terrorist funding cases. The report explains how David Headley acknowledged owing Rs 2.5 lakh in fake Indian notes in Pakistan during the conspiracy of Mumbai terror attacks.

The report accuses Pakistan for operating “a sophisticated business enterprise covering many countries.”

There is a list of 28 key “FICN network operator gangs” in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bangkok which are “so well established that they could also be used for arranging hide-outs, for easy and secure communication channels to subversives and safe launch-pads for espionage agents” mentioned in the report.

The report also adds, “Regular intelligence feeds are available with numerous references to the FICN trade in Bangladesh and Nepal where minion of the Pakistan High Commission and its officials (by name), facilitating the trade, are common…there are impeccable inputs to suggest that in Dhaka, FICN is supplied by the ‘Embassy’ and transported by the ‘Embassy vehicle’.”

The report says, “On account of increasing difficulties in pushing FICN through Bangladesh and Nepal into India, network operators are (now) exploring the Pakistan-Guangzhou-India route using commercial containers. They assess that increasing trade between India and China has led to a large number of containers arriving by the sea route in India.”

A few official mentioned in the report are Rattan, an official at the Pak High Commission (PHC) in Dhaka, Brigadier Shaukat Mahmood Sufi, a “senior Pak ISI officer, a visa counsellor at PHC in Dhaka and many more.