Pamela Anderson Enters in Big Boss 4

Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson has made her entry to India’s top most tele-show, Big Boss 4, and with that, all speculations whether or not Pamela would enter into the show came to a complete halt.

Soon after her arrival in Mumbai, the actress experienced being surrounded by frenzied crowds of fans and journalists making their abortive advance to her. The security guards had to face a tough task in keeping people out of the reach of actress.

The news of Pamela’s entry to Big Boss jolted all inmates of the show with pleasing surprise, and all in unison welcomed the actress with gaiety.

She is reportedly said to woo the male participants of the show with her smitten charm. The popularity of actress seems delighting temptation for inmates to make an interaction with this Hollywood celebrity.

According to the source, Pamela is all set to tune into the popular song ‘Dhak Dhak Karne Laga’ from the movie “Beta”. And dancing on the tune of the song, the actress is sure to steal the show.

Pamela’s entry into Big Boss came after two inmates’s outvoting incident because of their objectionable and abusive scuffles with co-participants. The outvoted inmates, Dolly Bindra and Samir Sony, were accused of using hot words and their subsequent involvement in physical combats with other inmates.

It is quite interesting to watch how a foreign figure could manage to stay in the Big Boss or just like former contestants make her departure unnoticed.