Peepli Live Movie Review : Must Watch Whether Natha Lives or Dies

Shyam Benegal brings another movie targeted at the people living below the poverty line in India. The movie Peepli Live is a story of a poor farmer Natha (Omkar Das) who wants to commit suicide so that his family can claim rupees one lakh from the government after death. But before he could commit suicide the news of his suicide spreads like wild fire. Every body from news channels to politicians to bureaucrats became ready to take the benefit of this news for their selfish interest.

In the movie Natha wants to commit suicide because he is on the verge of loosing his land, which is the only source on income for his family. He had taken loan against his land which he has not been able to repay. The loan was raised by him and his elder brother for their mother’s treatment. But as they were unable to repay the money, a local neta suggests them to commit suicide and claim the compensation by the government. The complete movie revolves around this concept.

The film Peepli Live basically reveals the reason why around eighty lakh farmers had to quit farming from the 1991-2001- which is a grim statistics for a country like India where the economic well being of the people depends on agriculture. The director Anusha rizvi has emphasized the fact that Indian farmers have to face great difficulty in sustaining their families through farming.

The film is a must watch to know whether Natha lives or dies in the end.