Places to see and visit in Chamba

Chamba is located in midst of Himalayan mountain range and is featured with various tourist attractions. Situated in the very center of pristine and natural valleys and rivers, the location is surely a worth visiting one for every tourist. Away from hustle bustle of the metros, Chamba offers calmness, relaxation and tranquility to the locals and tourists alike. The destination has also kept its traditions and innocence in a successful way. Chamba is further packed with various temples of the gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Kali, Durga and Shiva.

Traveling to Chamba is about visiting the temples. The destination is well known for its amazingly carved temples constructed in spire style of India plains. These temples are devoted to Shiva, Vishnu and also to the various avatars of Devi.

Rang Mahal

Constructed by Raja Umed Singh in middle of 18th C, Rang Mahal is even called as Painted Palace. The mahal is located in Chamba and was the residence of royal women.

Bhuri Singh Museum

The Bhuri Singh Museum saw its inauguration on September 14 1908 during reign of the popular Raja Bhuri Singh. The museum has been in fact named after this king. Located near Chaugan town, Chamba, it was actually started with paintings donated by the Raja.

Katasan Devi Temple

The Katasan Devi Temple is located in close proximity to the Baira Siul project that is around 30 kilometers from the Chamba valley. One among the main reasons behind its popularity is its peaceful, serene and calm locales that provide amazing views of valley.


It is a sprawling grassland as well as boulevard that is located in the middle of the city. It is even the hub for local trade. Chowgan is further the starting position of procession which forms part of Minjar Fair. The annual fair of Chamba is conducted at this place and during that time, Chowgan witnesses a myriad of events, programs, sports activities and shows.

So make your plan and visit Chamba.