Places to visit in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad blends great ancient heritage with amazing present. The eventful past and prosperous present of the city is embodied in the rich kaleidoscope of its art, architecture, history, culture and monuments. The tourists can visit this city in Gujarat all through the year.

Kite Museum

Located at Paldi, this museum flaunts off a wide variety of kites. The museum has kites from different parts of the globe along with some kite pictures. The adjacent portion of the museum is featured with a theatre where various cultural events take place.

Ahmed Shah tomb

The Ahmed Shah tomb with the perforated stone windows is just great to visit. Ahmed Shah’s son as well as grandson who did not survive him long even has their separate cenotaphs in the tomb. It is important to see that the women are not permitted into central chamber of the tomb. Then across the lane on raised platform is tomb of queens.



From the month of November to February, the 116 sq km lake of Nalsarovar serves to be the home for huge amounts of indigenous as well as migratory geese, ducks, flamingoes and pelicans.


Ahmedabad has also been popular for the Jain temples and Derasars such as Hutheesingh Temple, Chintamani Temple and others that are located in old city. There are around more than 100 Derasars in old city of Ahmedabad. Many of these were actually built in the Mughal times and some of them are located in houses of the people while some are underground.


Kankaria Lake


The Kankaria Lake is yet another tourist spot in Ahmedabad. This lake is the circular one that was built in AD 1451 by Sultan Qutub-ud-din. Among the places to experience in this lake is island garden that is located at the lake’s centre with summer palace called as the Nagina Wadi. An aquarium, natural historical museum, a zoo, boat club and plush green parks are the other spots surrounding this popular tomb.


Also, the Bal Vatika or Children’s park makes this a perfect picnic destination and attracts a huge number of locals and tourists.

So visit the popular and top places to see in Ahmedabad and make your trip a memorable one.