Places to Visit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, one of the most beautiful contemporary cities of India has a few tourist attractions and attracts a number of nature lovers to witness its beautiful theme gardens and monuments. Infact, it is one of the most neat and clean places in India and offers sightseeing to its visitors. Let us find out the tourist magnetisms in Chandigarh:

    1. Leisure Valley– This is one of the most renowned tourist destination in Chandigarh. It has garlands of gardens to give a beautiful look to the city. There are different types of theme gardens set up in this. The gardens that attract visitors here are Rajendra Park in Sector 1, Bougainvillea garden in Sector 3, garden of roses in Sector 16 and another few in Sector 23.
    2. Rock Garden– One of the most renowned places of Chandigarh, Rock Garden depicts high level of innovation and inventiveness. The foundation of the garden was laid down by Nek Chand and this unique and exclusive garden can be seen as “best out of waste” since it is designed from materials such as forks, metal wires, glasses, mudguards, frames, porcelain, broken bangles, straws and other such wasteful products.

      Sukhna Lake

    3. Sukhna Lake– Resting in the foothills of Shivalik range, the Sukhna Lake is a 3 km long manmade lake created in 1958. Cool breeze of the lake lets you enjoy the serene environment and you can invigorate yourself in the tranquil environment of this lake. It is also good for adventurous sports activities like yatching, boating and skiing.
    4. Open Hand Monument– Considered as the Chandigarh’s official emblem, Open Hand monument is one of the most astonishing monuments of India. This monument is crafted in a form of 14 meters high giant hand and puts across a social message “open to give & open to receive.”
    5. Capitol Complex– This is an official place for the Government and the acclaim of fabulous architecture goes to Le Corbusier. This complex consists of India’s three vital edifices called the High Court, the Secretariat and the Legislative Assembly. The Capitol complex stands royally on behalf of shrine of egalitarianism of free India.