Places to visit in Gwalior

If you are shortly planning a trip to Agra, do not miss out on this cultural place of Madhya Pradesh situated just 76 miles south of the Taj City. Gwalior is considered as one of the most extraordinary tourist destinations of India reflecting the true colors and culture of India. Following are the places that would interest you in Gwalior:

Gwalior Fort

The beautiful Gwalior Fort rests in the lap of a hill surrounded by pool that consist of water that cured the leprosy of the King of fort. The fort has a history that is worth your interest. The beautiful Jain statues are worth noticing in this beautiful fort.

Sas-Bahu Temples

The name sounds interesting and this is what attracts several Indian and foreign tourists to these temples. However, unlike their names, the temples have no connection with mother-in-law or daughter-in-law concept. These are the names given to two adjacent beautifully ornamented temples with statues that replicate intricate designs.

Suraj Kund

Suraj Kund was constructed back in 15th century. It is a place where the leprosy of popular Suraj Sen was cured by Sage Gwalipa.

Memorial of Tansen

Tansen was one of the greatest musicians of Akbar-era. Infact, he was considered as one of the nine gems of Akbar. The memorial of Tansen is a tomb created to remember the greatest musician always.

Weekend trips

Anyone who wants to enjoy the small trips can visit places like Tigra Dam, Sonagiri, Datia and Pawaya.

Regional Festival

Anyone who wants to have a deeper glimpse into Indian culture can attend the annual Tansen Music festival held in the months of November/December.