Places to visit in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur serves as the largest city in Jharkhand. Established by Moghul Jamshedji Tata, the renowned business, Jamshedpur was first planned city in India. Serving as one of the most crucial cities, Jamshedpur is the place that has played a great role in development of our whole country.

There are various places to see and visit in Jamshedpur. Some popular among them are as follows:

Bhatia Park – This is situated along banks of Subernareka Lake and serves as a great place in the city. Shady trees and plants add elegance and beauty to the garden. You can see a number of people relaxing, enjoying at this park.

Hudco Lake- Located in hilly area of the Telco Colony, this lake is a sure shot visit in Jamshedpur city. The hills that adjoin this lake were transformed into Sumant Mulgoankar Park that offer aerial view of the Tata Engineering, Tata Powers and Lafarge Cement.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

The Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is another place to visit in Jamshedpur that is located at the altitude of 3000 ft. the sanctuary is featured with a plethora of wild animals like porcupines, leopards, sloth bears, tigers, barking deer, elephants and others.

Dimna Lake

Located at foothills of Dalma Ranges is the Dimna Lake that is the artificial lake made by Tata Steel. This lake serves as the main source of getting drinking water in Jamshedpur. Also, it is the source of water for Tata Steel as well. The amazing surroundings and serenity of this area make it a great attraction. There are various facilities at this lake like jet skiing and boating.

Bhuvaneshwari Temple

Last but not least, the Bhuvaneshwari Temple is situated atop the hill in Jamshedpur. The temple is basically dedicated to Bhuvaneshwari Mata. People in huge number come to this place to offer their daily prayers to the goddess. The tranquil environment at the temple offers great spiritual touch.