Places to visit in Punjab

Punjab is a land sanctified by warriors, commonly called Gurus and it is the culture, love, care, warmth and heritage of this beautiful Indian state that attracts tourists from not just all across the country but also from round the globe. People feel fascinated by its culture, spirituality and most of all warmth. Punjab is also said to be one of agriculturally-rich states of India and is a home of many palaces, museums, forts and spiritual places called ‘gurudwaras’. If you are visiting Punjab for the very first time, do not forget to pay a visit to following most popular tourist attractions.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple


With the dome covered with gold, Golden temple is the most auspicious and spiritual shrine of Sikhs. However, people from all religions and castes as well as nationality love to drop here to witness the beauty of this highly consecrated place.

Wagah Border

Wagah Border is the India-Pakistan border lying on Grand Trunk road. The border holds a very special meaning for Indians, especially because of the relationship the country shares with neighboring nation. “Lowering of flags” ceremony is done every evening with patriotism at the zenith from the sides. Wagah Border is worth seeing!

Sukhna Lake

This is a 3 sq kilometers spread man-made lake. Sukhna Lake is an ideal picnic location that allows you to relax in the serenity of this beautiful, loving state away from the humdrum of main city. Sukhna Lake is a favorite abode for different kinds of birds in winters that fly here from Siberia and Central Asia.

Bhakra Nangal Dam

Bhakra Nangal Dam is constructed over the Sutlej River. This dam has a crucial role towards prosperity of the town. It is worth seeing, especially if you love watching heavy water flow over dams.

Pushpa Gujral Science City

This science city is not just a theme park or a museum; it is lot more than that. This is the largest science city of its kind and second in India. This is worth watching because of its specialties like excellent dinosaurs model, globe made using 26 lakh bright vibrant tiles, GSLV missile and other attractions.

Besides these places, there are other tourist attractions which are quite popular in the state. As far as food is concerned, we would suggest that if you are visiting Punjab do not forget to have the traditional ‘Makki ki roti’ with ‘Sarson ka saag’ and ‘lassi’ which will be served hot with utmost love and compassion!