Places to visit in Siliguri- popular tourist destinations

The Siliguri town is principle town where you can enjoy a great vacation with family and friends. Siliguri in its own is not a very beautiful destination but serves as a sensitive and important city in Eastern Himalayas because of its geographical location.

There are various places to visit in Siliguri as well. The Sevoke Bridge is situated between Salugara & Kalijhora, which is a relic of the British masterpiece in architecture and design. While crossing this bridge through foot, you can enjoy an amazing journey filled with pleasure and adventure.

Kali Mandir is a popular Hindu Temple in Siliguri, near Sevoke and serves as the abode of goddess Kali. The mandir is visited by a number of worshippers and specially the newly wedded couples to seek blessings of Kali Maa to have a happy married life ahead.

Then the Seth Srilal Market as well as the Hill Cart Road have amazing goods shops that stock huge amounts of mercantile. People from Sikkim, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sikkim visit Siliguri on a regular basis for buying products from these markets. Prices are also reasonable here. Even some branded showrooms have been opened up on the Sevoke Road now.

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Art exhibitions on regular basis are conducted in Siliguri. The important site for these exhibitions is the Dina Bandhu Manch. Also, the Science City is a popular place to visit in Siliguri. It is also called as The North Bengal Science Centre which serves as a huge base for science and is a highly known institution in Bengal. It is located at Northern suburbs of the Siliguri town, Matigara.

Last but not least, the ISKCON temple is the one that is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is called as the biggest Krishna Centre in entire North East India. So visit Siliguri and enjoy the famous tourist spots and destinations.