Police fires at demonstrators and protesters in Kashmir- 4 dead, 16 injured

The Indian police force fired on the pro independence protesters in Kashmir thus killing 4 and injuring 16, as reported by a senior police official. This event brings the death toll to 69 killed in a time span of just 87 days as the demonstrators highlight huge protests and even block the highways calling for freedom and independence for the area. Hundreds of other people have even been wounded.

A large number of people screaming the anti Indian slogans then blocked the highways. Kashmir, which is a Muslim majority region, has observed some worst unrest against the Indian rule since 11th of June when a teen aged was killed by the tear gas shell in Srinagar.

This latest violence was seen in Palhallan, just 40 kilometers from Srinagar. The police fired in order to disperse the heavy crowd when some of the protesters started throwing stones and targeting the motorcade that carried Kashmir police chief.

In fact, Kashmir has served to be the biggest means of bitter dispute that prevails between Pakistan and India. This region is actually claimed by both the countries. The Indian administered part of Kashmir has been in throes of violence for past 20 years that has left about 43,000 people dead as of now.