Popular Android Apps for India

Android is the third largest operating system in the world, thanks to its reliability as well as low price. A lot of people are buying smartphones with Android OS and the reason is huge database for applications. There are more than a thousand useful applications and that too for free and this excludes social media apps such as Twitter and Facebook. There are various applications that can be useful for the Indian users in their everyday life. Find out some of the most popular Android apps for India.

Indian Rail Info

This application is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to check your PNR status as well as the seat and trains availability. Fare enquiry is also possible through this application. The only drawback is that it does not allow you to book your tickets. The number of users are somewhere between 50,000 to 1, 00,000. An average user rates this app as 4.5 out of 5.


For a country that loves music, raaga.com is yet another popular application. This application is directed towards the Indian music lover. This application gives you direct accessibility to the whole world of music on the Android phone in more than 18 languages. It is possible to create your own public as well as private playlist. It is also possible to connect with the friends using this application.


This is one of the largest online ticket-booking websites in India. It covers a plethora of entertainment avenues from various kinds of events. Official BookMyShow application allows you to get everything on your mobile or android device. It is possible to dig into the listing of the city as well as get information on the movies as well as events in a particular venue. 

NDTV for Android

This application brings forth the stories as well as videos from the most popular news channel in India-NDTV. It keeps you updated about latest happening in the country. What is most happening in this application is that you are given a chance to be an iWitness. It is a chance for you to contribute to the coverage stories of NDTV. You can record the videos as well as click pictures and submit them to NDTV. The worthwhile stories will be published and you will also be credited for your stories.

Money Control

This is a dedicated application for the people who are interested in global markets as well as Indian finance. This is the top most application for providing you financial report as well as business details. This application gives you real-time update of the stock quotes, global market indices as well as Indian market indices. It provides you with the in-depth coverage as well as analysis of the business world.

Ayurveda Book

This is yet another free application in the Android apps store. If you are interested in knowing about the ancient art of healing in India, this application can be well suited for you. This application offers you detailed information about over 50 herbs along with their description, potential uses, potential side effects as well as risks.

All these applications can be downloaded on your Android smartphone or any other Android device for making it more productive.