Popular New Year resolutions 2012

With New Year around the corner, resolutions have become one of the most common “rituals” of this GRAND OCCASION. Every year, people all over the world resolute to do something that will make their lives better in the coming year! Basically, it reflects or shows your concern to make changes or alter your life in a way you think it would be “worth living.” So, look at our list of top ten most popular New Year resolutions and find out whether yours made it in the list or not!

New Year resolutions for year 2012

  • Oath to give more time to friends and family
  • Get into the spirit of fitness
  • Fight with obesity and follow strict diet
  • Quit smoking
  • Enjoy life even more or love it as it is
  • Quit drinking
  • Organize debt and repay it
  • Learn something that is exciting and new
  • Help others or get engaged in social work
  • Get organized

    New Year Resolutions

    New Year Resolutions

Nevertheless, despite taking strong resolutions or pledging to follow, a lot of people, infact 80% of people will only follow their resolutions for just a few days. New Year resolutions actually allow you to introspect yourself and take on something that you had wished the entire year. So, it can be said that New Year is a perfect occasion to do something that you had wanted for the entire year. It can be absolutely great and can help you in improving your life the way you want, provided you follow it seriously.

More than half the people however only take it as a “funny part of New Year” and they tend to make it more interesting with certain fun elements. Basically, it is more about how to stick or compel yourself to follow these New Year Resolutions.

There are some of the other popular New Year resolutions as well and these are:

  • Eating healthy and living better lifestyle
  • Manage stress
  • Take a vacation to your favorite location
  • Save money to buy something
  • Get educated in a better way
  • Make people laugh

These are some of the other interesting and popular resolutions that people can take and plan to follow right at the first day of the New Year. It can indeed be a great way to improve what you actually want. It can be just be an excellent thought to move with and start a new year with.