Popular places to visit in Ajmer, India- enjoy you Ajmer trip to the fullest

Ajmer is one of the beautiful and serene places worth visiting in Rajasthan, India. There is a myriad of popular and much loves places in Ajmer that are truly worth experiencing. These include Taragarh Fort, Mayo College, Ajme-e-Sharief, Shah Jahan’s mosque and Adhai-Din-Ka-Jhonpra.

The very famous Ajmer-e-Sharif Dargah



Ajmer-e-Sharief is the Dargah that is situated on foothills of barren hill, Ajmer. This dargah features the tomb of Khwaja Moin-Ud-Din Chisti, the Muslim saint who lost his life in 1256 AD. It is of the belief that this much followed saint prayed rigorously for six days before he passed away. Till now, six days before his death anniversary are celebrated as part and parcel of Urs festival.

Taragarh Fort- worth visiting

Taragarh Fort


Then the Taragarh Fort is another place to visit in Ajmer. It is located on the top of a hall. The fort was basically made by Ajaypal Singh, a Chauhan king in 7th C and it is popularly known for its battlements as well as popular rock reservoir which was once used to supply water to various quarters within Taragarh Fort.

Other popular places in Ajmer

Then the magnificent Anasagar Lake is situated north of Ajmer City and was made in the 12th C. This lake was built by making a dam across Luni River. The lake was actually built by the ruler Anaji Chauhan.

Further, the Adahi-Din-Ka-Jhopra is one of the other important places to visit in Ajmer. This special monument is called so as it was constructed within a span of 2 and half days through utilizing the building material from various Hindu Temples which had been then demolished.

Lastly, Mayo College is among the best public schools in India. This was founded in the year 1875 AD for the princes and rich. Every prince with his retinue and English tutor had his very own house in this spacious college that covers 80 hectares. But now, this is a public school that is open for all.

So now when you know the top places to visit in Ajmer, just go ahead and plan a trip with your friends or family.