Prince Its Showtime Movie Review

Today Vivek Oberoi and New comer actress Aruna Sheilds starer movie Prince Its Showtime is Releasing and its coming from same the same production house of Movie Race and this added more excitement for the release of movie.

As the Promo says this is an action thriller and you can see some great action scenes in the movie. We will post full movie review of Price after 12 PM today when our Movie Review Expect will watch the first show of the movie,

Wait for next few hours and we will update you about Full Review of Movie Prince.

Prince Its Showtime Movie Star Cast

Starring: Vivek Oberoi, Aruna Sheilds, Nandana Sen, Neeru Singh, Sanjay Kapoor, Isaiah, Rajesh Khattar, Dilip Tahil, Mayur Puri, Manish Anand and Mohit Chauhan Director: Kookie V Gulati

Producers: Renu Taurani, Kumar S Taurani
Release Date: 9/04/2010

Prince Its Showtime Movie Review

So guys just came back after watching this movie, and believe me dont waste your time and money if you are want to watch a action movie, yes, you will laugh on the foolish action and so called gadgets and all of movies. In first few mins of movie you will become so confused that you will remain same till the end.

I Still don’t know our Prince ( Vivek Oberoi ) was a thief, Policeman, CBI agent or what and you wont be able to know 1 more thing till the end which was his real Girl friend Maya. They all are behind a Chip which can scan human mind and erase Human Memories, these scenes are looking quite funny actually where they were trying to copy James Bond Movies.

Idiotic fights and unnecessary exposure, movie just have couple of good songs and for me nothing else in the movie, I was not able to understand the story and plot till the end. I was expecting quite similar movie but did not though it will be this much big disaster, As I want to give you guys review so i went and watch the movie. I will suggest you not to watch this movie.

Prince Movie Rating :- I will give 1.5 start to this movie, I wanted to give 1 but adding half more for few good songs in the movie.