Rahul Ka Swayamvar Starting from Feb. 1st

The show has started one again. This time we have Rahul Mahajan as our next victim. Survey tells us that when Rakhi Sawant was there the series had around 28 million viewers. When it comes to Rahul I believe he is going to have an equal number of audiences too.

Rahul Mahajan has been entering into the group of reality shows recently and has shown an active participation. Let’s see what fate has in store for him in the next series. As far as we know 9 girls will be selected to fight amongst one another trying to win the young man’s heart. Frankly speaking I feel that it is going to be another farce but then who know what twist life may give us. Rahul ka Swyambar starting date is on 1st Feb 2010. Let’s just hope that this marriage of his doesn’t fail. All the best Rahul for the upcoming life.

While surfing the net I had come across a nice cartoon based on the series, am posting it below. Hope you will like it too.