RAHUL ka SWAYAMVAR- The New Reality Show of NDTV Imagin

The show was a grand success in its first season. We had Rakhi Sawant and she successfully found her groom. It’s a totally different issue that they are no longer together but then the show must go on. So now the crew is now looking for a new cast. And who better than Rahul Mahajan– most controversial candidate of  of the show Big Boss 2.

Rahul Mahajan has been in the limelight since the tragic death of his father and since then something or the other helped him maintain his position. He got married to his sweetheart to whom he had been committed for 13 year and then got a divorce just two weeks later. But now things are about to change for him. A new life awaits him with a couple of new brides.

Rahul Mahajan

A number of brides will be introduced to him and then as we all know, the girls will be desperately trying to get him and finally he has to choose one of them. NDTV had promised us a marriage at the end of the previous show but was unsuccessful to do so.  Let’s just hope that he doesn’t go for a divorce this time too.

The show has last aired on Aug 2 2009 when Rakhi announced that she had chosen Elesh to be her groom. It was just a month later that she broke up with him stating that his western style of living was one of the main causes for their breakup. Frankly speaking I had lost all interest in this show after the breakup- what’s the point of this show then? But then I am also eagerly waiting for the much awaited sequel. It will be better this time, at least that’s how I feel about it. Let’s leave the matter into the hands of fate and yes also into the hands of the makers.

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