Rahul Mahajan Ka Swayamvar Winner – Dimpy Ganguly won Rahul Ka Swayamvar

Finally the day arrives when we get to see Rahul Mahajan get married. The Stage had been set for the wedding and the three contestants Nikunj Malik, Dimpy Ganguly and Harpreet Chhabr were standing ready, eager to hear the final verdict.

After carefully selecting these three were chosen from a group of 16 and thus they topped to the final list. The to-be brides were dressed in their best attires. Sources reveal that Dimpy Ganguly of Kolkata has a higher chance of winning.

However watch out for the latest show of Rahul ka Swayambar to know the winner of Rahul Ka Swayambar and thus to see Rahul’s wedding. We will be posting updates as soon as possible too.

Dimpy Ganguly won Rahul Ka Swayamvar

Rahul Mahajan selected Dimpy Ganguly from kolkata as her Dilhaniya.