Rajasthan budget 2010 | Rajasthan Budget 2010-2011 Highlights

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan also holds the finance portfolio in the same state. Today he presented Rajasthan Budget for the year 2010-2011. This was the second time that he presented the state budget in his own tenure.

Presently he is having his second tenure as the chief minister. CM Ashok Gehlot had the budget mainly focus on the welfare of common man as the common men suffer the most during inflation. However some of the things got definitely costlier for the common person too. So the budget kind of contradicts its own purpose.
Briefly speaking, some of the Rajasthan Budget 2010-2011 Highlights are that 400 crore was allotted for Urban development, Ration for BPL families is now at Rs 2/Kg and lecturers of Polytechnic colleges now get AICTE based payment. 11424 crore has been reserved for energy development, 1851 for Road development, 25000 gas connections to school and many other features beside these.
Focus was also laid on Woman-oriented plans and agriculture. We can only hope that the budget is beneficial to people. However till applied and put into action nothing can be said regarding its results. Lets wish the people of Rajasthan all the very best, hoping that the Rajasthan Budget 2010 – 2011 will prove to be beneficial to them. Hope you found this article useful.