Rakta Charitra: – Blood-stained story of Power, Revenge and Love

Rakta Charitra is another deadly invention from Ram Gopal Verma’s factory production. From beginning to the end of the movie, each and every scene contains new version of galore brutality, bloodstained weapons slitting the organs of innocents, and culmination of lust that goes beyond any brutality possible for ultimate satisfaction. The movie is really not suitable for family audience and for those chicken-hearted who feel nauseated at the sight of bloodstained corps.

Rakta Charitra

The story of the movie has unnecessary culmination of violence while some characters have brilliantly displayed their role performance (kudos to Vivek Oberoi’s performance of justifying his role as a minister and revenge taker). Vivek Oberoi with much more different and polished performance as a rough tough guy from former movies “SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWAAL & COMPANY”, he did a wonderful job in his given role. Other protagonists also performed their best.

Shatrughan Sinha after a long filmy gap has appeared with something catchy role in the movie.

The story goes like, in a criminally dominant village, a downtrodden leader earns significant reputation among his cast, which makes him eyesore to leader Nagmani who after poisoning ear to Narsimha Reddy, a political guru of the Dalit leader, antagonizes him against the Dalit leader. Narsimha Reddy deals his cards dangerously by threatening one of supports of the Dalit leader and finally gets the leader killed by the supporter.

Pratap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi), son of the dead leader, comes back to home from his college and finds his family in a hideout and combating the goons of Narsimha Reddy. The situation turns so violently and unexpectedly that an innocent Pratap jumped into the fire of vendetta that subsequently ensues a new saga of bloodstained revenge with murders, rape and trails of naked bloodshed.

The movie is just the first part of Ramu’s factory and the remaining part will be released on the next month. The movie, since its releasing time is shroud with much hyped controversy as it is alleged to personify the image of late Tamil Nadu leader Rama Rao, a claim already denied by the director Ramu.

Although, from the starting of the movie, you will see trail of cold blooded murders and lust for sex and power, but the movie will keep you engrossed due to some heart-piercing scenes and splendid performance of the actors and actresses.