Review of Creative Zen Stone Plus MP3 Player

First we had the radio, then came the walkman, then disc man and finally came the mp3 player, the gadget of the new generation.  But the new generation now needs something more. It needs things much more capable and superior than their predecessors and yet much smaller than them. Thus we had the iPod nano introduced and shortly after that Creative launched its brand new player the ZEN STONE.

Features of Creative Zen Stone Pluscreative-zen-stone-plus-01

Handy as it looks, one of the most important features that it posses is its compact size and the reason why it surpasses the iPod nano is the display. The creative stone plus weighs only 21g has an LED display and can keep playing up to 9.5 hrs continuously. The display has an absolute clarity.

It also has fm support and has a microphone built into it too using which we can record. Now comes the part as to why Creative has always been my favorite. The sound quality is simply amazing and can go up to levels which can easily rock your ears drums and without slightest change in the sound quality. Its volume control has not only been made for the earphones but also for speakers and thus a very large range of control is provided .However listening at low sound is advised for your own safety.

Equipped with a stop watch, it thus provides all the things that one needs while working out. Plug in and start running and try beating your own record by using the stopwatch. It also displays the time and date if you want but keeping the display for a long time will certainly reduce you r battery.

The creative Zen stone plus comes in many colors and one can choose it according to their taste. The package includes ZEN Stone Plus, Earphones, Quick start Guide, USB cable (which is used for both data transfer and charging at the same time). However better performance is attained if you ditch the earphones for one of a higher quality. The only thing it lacks is it doesn’t detect is mp3 tagging thus making it a bit incomplete. Had it been there nothing would have stopped it from becoming perfect.

The accessory that I had got free was a wrist band in which the player can be attached thus enabling it to fully function as a digital watch (only if the watch mode is enabled). This is a really cool feature and has been my favorite. If you want you can also buy an armband or skins for your player or key ring support.

Finally I would say if you like to be fashionable and compact player along with quality and yet economic then this might be the best thing you ever get.