Robot Movie Review : Rajinikanth – Ashwarya Starter Robo gets good Rating

ROBOT though starred with action superstar Rajnikanth, still comes into the category of those Indian movies incapable of creating craze among the masses. It’s fascinating to think how Robots feel all the emotions just like human beings. This is exactly what director S. Shankar has represented in the movie.

Though, ROBOT has lots of awe-inspiring action scenes apart from drama and romance, but the movie has also other charms which will absorb your attention to the fullest.

Director Shankar did one thing good in the movie, that he did not cripple the original theme of the movie with Rajnikanth’s superstardom image. But, still he could not let some ridiculous actions scenes unleash in the movies for which the action hero is famous for.

Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajnikanth) invents andro-humanoid robot called Chitti (Rajnikanth) after 10 years of rigorous hard work. Sana (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) who acted as a girlfriend of the doctor is hardly responded by him the love appeal she makes. The Robot, Chitti is capable of doing any dare-devilry but things become notorious when the doctor administers human emotions into Chitti which subsequently prompts him into love making with Sana. It sparks off doom when the robot is not positively responded his love making from Sana.

Shankar aptly showed the human behavior through the robotic presentation. The movie seems stale in second half. Special effects of the movie are eye catching but A. R Rahman’s music disheartens.

Robo Movie Rating :- I will rate Robo 3.5/5 specially for Rajni’s performance in the movie.

The movie is worthy to be added to your DVD collection lists if you are fan of Rajnikanth.

ROBOT is all about heart-touching story of a machine and streams of incredible actions of Rajinikanth.