Meet Arjun Tendulkar son of Sachin Tendulkar. Arjun Tendulkar, aged 10, is going to participate in his first nationwide cricket tournament representing MIG cricket Club at the under-13 Cadence Trophy in Pune.

Though many wouldn’t consider the match to be great yet it somehow showed the audience a face from India’s future cricket team. His batting style resembles his father’s, at least his shots showed a glimpse of his Tendulkar’s legendary style.

His stay wasn’t long in the crease but he certainly has a bright future in this field. His training is overseen by coaches’ chandu Bhatkar and Jagdish Chavan.

However we all hope that in the next 6 years time, India is going to witness another 16 year old Tendulkar who will rewrite the history of Indian Cricket once again.